Property Testing for ERC Developers

ERCx evaluates contracts from Solidity source code. Please copy+paste your contract source code.

The above code is an example.

Please read the instructions below before testing:

  • You can make in-line changes to the code and use Re-evaluate. We'll automatically save your work for 24h.
  • You can delete everything you have previously saved.
  • We do not store the submitted code nor the test results, unless you bookmark them to your Account under My tokens.
  • The submitted code should be self-contained, i.e., (i) the constructor of the main contract class does not have any argument/input and (ii) it should not require any import.
  • The submitted contract should compile with the Solidity compiler version ^0.8.0.
  • Your contract may contain several classes, however, you need to provide the main contract class in the field below before testing the code (e.g., for Tether USD, the main contract class is TetherToken).
Your code doesn't meet the requirements